xFix Windows 7 Aero Peek Fix Patch

Aero enhances Windows 7 with several visual effects. Aero Peek for example makes open windows transparent and reveals the desktop underneath them. These effects are very stylish and useful, but they are also heavy on your computer’s resources.
Depending on your system resources, Aero is not necessarily enabled per default.
In addition to this post, you should make sure that your graphics card supports Aero Peek and that graphics driver is up to date. However, if your computer came with Windows 7 this should not be an issue.

This xFix release will fix the problem that causes Aero Peek to be not accessible.

There is an example of Aero Peek:

Note: This program requires Administrator Rights. Please right-click this Patch’s icon and click on “Run as Administrator”.

– This xFix release will restart your computer automatically.

– This xFix Patch creates a restore point to restore your system if something goes wrong. The Restore Point creation might take some minutes to perform.

Release name: Windows.7.Aero.Peek.Fix.Patch-xFix.zip

Size: 544 KB

[Direct Download]

We hope we helped you to solve your problem.


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